Community Support

We wish to thank our community for supporting us in our endeavors to find much needed funds to assist families to accessing professional speech pathology support. This support enables us to keep on doing what we are good at…helping children to correct and/or develop their speech, language, listening and literacy skills.

We would love to shower you with comments of gratitude from our kids and their families but due to client confidentiality reasons in our profession under our Speech Pathology Australia Association, we cannot do so.

On behalf of these children and families we want to acknowledge and thank the following community groups, services, families and individuals who has helped us in our mission.

1. Allan & Leonie Elliott Memorial 2014- Gifting $1200 for attendance at Group Speech Therapy

2. Southport LIONS CLUB 2014- Gifting $2800 which supported 4 families to access Group Speech Therapy

3. Speechies on Wheels as part of the OPtimal Communications Speech Pathology service gifted subsidy on kindergarten screenings for 12 Gold Coast children.

4. Southport LIONS CLUB has supported the proceeds of their sausage sizzle once a month for individual and group speech therapy programs from our December 2014 application. Support with “heavy sausage turning and cutting onions” is required fortnightly for their service if ZIP IT UP families would like to volunteer their time.



The Lions Club have been fantastic in their support of our kids attending therapy for correction of speech and literacy impairments.

Zip It Up for Kids is a sponsorship program that aims to increase community awareness about the need for funding support for individuals with communication challenges affected by speech, language, auditory processing and literacy impairments. With the Zip army featuring Zippy and Chatty , community members are spreading the word about putting the “money where the mouth is” and giving little stars a chance to shine.
Thank you to our members of the Southport Lions Club for listening to how important communication is for children with speech impairment. $2800 sponsorship has enabled 4 families to be supported on sponsorship for the Club Yicketty Yak Program.


$750- Speechies on Wheels provided subsidised kindergarten screenings in July-August 2014-
Speechies on Wheels provided subsidised kindergarten screenings in July-August-and now September  2014 for children at risk pr identified with speech, language and communication impairment.

Fundraising for Kids with Speech and Language problems